Days in China

The first word that came to my mind when I arrived here was:

Everything feels oversized in general

Electric motorbikes & bicycles with their horns own the streets

Traffic Lights....What are they? The Red is Green and don't bother with the Amber

Masks. Plastic raincoats for one, for two & for the bikes!

Ladies & Gentlemen, here the smart phones have become an extension of the body
driving and texting, eating and watching,
walking and staring at the screen, cycling and typing
 selfies and selfies and selfies and selfies...  
Neighbours ringing their bells on their invented motorbikes
collecting rubbish, cartons & plastics are in demand!

Plants everywhere (I love that)

Smoking & spitting, & the ever annoying wretched sound of clearing phlegm from the throat

The long nail of the little finger is still a mystery

The washing is hanging everywhere & underwear too!

Being in Pyjamas and dancing/exercising on the street is an everyday thing.
Sinks & kitchens are the fa§ade of the houses

It is the chopsticks and chillies world

Tasty mangos, noodles with peanut, sticky-rice forever!

Stinky smells perfume the city

Moist & polluted air is a feature in the marsh

Unique mix of old classic Chinese architecture, Art Nouveau & Skyscrapers
Steps, steps and more steps
thousands of them up & down... and endless along The Great Wall

Tactile reminiscence of Communism in a Capitalist city

The language is a difficult subject

The culture is a different world

Xie Xie - Bai Bai Shanghai


Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself.
You will then find out how easy it is to get along.
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Stop the world I want to get off.”

Unfortunately, to feel serene is a treasure these days.

Calmness, placidity, peace.

I think, we should give the importance to give ourselves the time to find quietness in our everyday life as much as we give the attention to other things.

It is OK to slow down!
Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime

Kufwasa and Serenity in Life