Je t’aime

It is important to say I love you.

The power of these three little words.

The hidden fear of being rejected or exposing ourselves usually takes over.

What’s wrong with being vulnerable?

It should be an everyday ‘must’ to say.

It’s important to let your beloved ones know how much you love them.

We usually take it for granted.

Hearing I love you  =  Saying I love you

The Psychology Behind Those Three Little Words


Nowadays, it’s all about it & no matter what!

Why is it so important to succeed? Haven’t we done it already?

… to achieve, to accomplish, to triumph, …

one after another, another, another, another


What about  the in-between?

Let’s not forget about ‘trying’

… the uncertainty, the unknown, the ambiguity, the standing by …

Embracing the ‘in between’ as much as the failure & the achievement.


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